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Welcome to string theory coaching

Charleston's Premier Tennis and Pickleball Coaching

Take your game to the next level with some of the highest quality tennis coaching in the Charleston area! 

Teaching Experience:


I've been teaching tennis for over a decade now, and have been certified to teach for over 8 years. I'm certified with the USPTA and I attend educational conferences yearly to expand my teaching knowledge, trading ideas with many of the most renowned tennis coaches in the world. 

I've taught players from age 4 all the way up to players in their 80s. I've taught players who went on to play D1 college tennis. I've taught players who went on to play professional tennis. I've taught players who wanted to try a new sport and are now tennis players for life.

The possibilities are truly endless! 

FACT: Tennis is currently a slowly dying sport, with a decrease in overall players over the last 5 years. But why?

This decrease in participation can be heavily attributed to the current way tennis is taught.

The emphasis on HAVING FUN has faded away, with directors putting unrealistic pressure on their students and fellow coaches.

How am I different?

Why do we play sports in the first place? To have fun? To compete? To develop a new social circle? All of these answers are correct!


My teaching philosophy focuses on developing a player's physical and mental skills, while never losing focus on the importance of having fun and enjoying the journey! 

Tennis is a beautiful, lifetime sport with immense physical and mental health benefits! 

I offer a wide range of lesson opportunities for growth and improvement including:


-Private Lessons

-Group Lessons

-Beginner to Advanced Adult Clinics

-Beginner to Advanced Junior Clinics

-Cardio Tennis

-Pickleball Private Lessons and Clinics

Give me a call/text at the number listed in the "Contact" section and I would be happy to set you up with a private lesson or clinic that fits your schedule!

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