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Why some coaches may NOT be the BEST fit for your coaching needs

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

This here, is a touchy topic for most. Everyone wants more business, more clients, etc. Very few coaches are willing to admit when their teaching method isn't clicking with one, or multiple, students.

We all want to be the very best (like no one ever was...)

But when pride interferes with improvement, we have an issue.

There are times when students don't connect with a coach, either personally, or teaching style, etc. This isn't a bad thing! Humans aren't robots! Each coach has their own unique teaching style, and this style will work with some students, and not with others. No hard feelings, it's just the way it goes.

The painful part is when students clearly aren't improving with one coach as much as they should be otherwise. Skills take time to develop but when little Johnny can't hit a backhand to save his life after working on backhands for the last 5 private lessons, we may have an issue...

So how can we apply this information?

Honestly, try multiple coaches and see which one you or your child just "clicks" with the most. Sometimes a coach's personality can play a part in this as well. I'd rather my child get excited to go have their private/group lesson because they have an enthusiastic coach, than dread that time with someone who the community considers "a great coach".

To conclude, coaches make up a tremendous part of an adult's or child's relationship with tennis as a sport, and their individual improvement. Therefore, feel free to "shop around" to see who fits your needs the best. With this approach, you may be surprised as to who you "click" best with...or maybe not!

Uh oh...

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