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String Review: Laserfibre JB Tour 100 (1.25)

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

After approximately 8-10 hours of play and 16-20 hours of teaching on one string job, here is the Laserfibre JB Tour 100 string review! I’ve personally never played with Luxilon Alu Power but I’m not surprised as to how many people play with the stuff if this JB Tour is similar to how it feels. I strung up my Head Microgel Radical MP with my normal Head Velocity (1.30) in the mains with the JB in the crosses (normally playing with Isospeed Cream 1.28). As a player suffering with tennis elbow since middle/high school, I was slightly worried about such a jump in stiffness from my normal setup, but I found JB Tour to be very enjoyable! DT came out a little lower than the cream, suggesting more stretch during stringing for the JB (35 vs 37/38). The texture and bending characteristics were almost identical to ALU during the stringing process. My first experience playing with this setup was a league match. First impression: Holy cow, POWER machine! Cream has the highest energy return of any copoly (technically elastomer) and this stuff was MORE powerful (maybe also slightly deeper balls as a result of the lower DT). I struggled a bit through the first set but finally settled down and started hitting better (getting used to the pop and extra

depth). Ended up winning the match 7-5, 6-3. Since then I’ve put this string through many hours of play and teaching. I’m VERY impressed! Only slight arm/wrist tenderness vs normal setup and the tension/playability seems to be hanging in there (unlike ALU I’ve heard)🔥 The only difference I recognize vs my normal setup besides stiffness is slightly less spin generation the way I have it set up, but it’s not enough to seriously make a difference. Overall amazing string from a great company! I would highly recommend JB Tour 100 to anyone currently playing with ALU or 3.5+ players looking for a poly with some POP💪🏼 Oh and by the way: it’s made in the US!🇺🇸

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