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Racquet Stringing FAQs

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Most people who play tennis know little to nothing about racquet stringing and that is perfectly okay! Here are some frequently asked questions from actual tennis players regarding racquet stringing and tech. Enjoy!

1. Q: Why do you need to get your racquet restrung?

A: Racquet restringing is a common practice among frequent string breakers but for many, restringing a racquet may seem unnecessary. Here's the facts: All strings lose their initial qualities over time, especially polyester strings. This is due to a variety of factors including decreasing tension and elasticity, increased fraying, notching, etc. Having a fresh set of strings every once and a while feels amazing, and can easily elevate your game to the next level. For non-string breakers who are beginners, I recommend new strings at least as many times a year as you play a week. So if I play twice a week (2-4 hours of play), I need to be restringing my racquet at least 2 times a year. For more advanced players, I recommend restringing when you feel like you hit quality shots and the ball starts going long consistently. This is a result of a decrease in tension beyond what the player can accommodate for. Lastly, DO NOT leave your racquet in the car or garage during hot summer days!

2. Q: Does it really matter who strings my racquet?

A: ABSOLUTELY. I have witnessed first hand some of the terrible stringing techniques that are out there. I've had my personal racquet strung by different people and each string job feels substantially different. As a tennis player, finding a quality stringer should be an absolute priority. Don't know where to start? Having a USRSA certification shows that an individual has gone through rigorous testing to provide the highest quality of service. Go to and go to the find a stringer page.

3. Q: I found stringers that have a USRSA logo. Are they certified?

A: Not necessarily. You CAN be a member of the USRSA and NOT be certified. I've seen people with USRSA stickers above their shop doors who aren't certified. I've seen people who put USRSA on business cards who aren't certified. This is very deceitful so be careful and do your research. To find out if a stringer is certified, go to the find a stringer page on

4. Q: Why haven't you opened a shop to expand your business?

A: When I started this business, my goal was to provide the highest quality service with the lowest overhead cost. The way that most businesses are run within this country is honestly scary, with more and more people shopping online every day. This includes getting a substantial business loan from a bank/lender, hiring and training shop staff to your business standards, etc. I had no interest in going into massive debt to start a business! Therefore, I started to work closely with companies that I knew produced quality products, obtained the appropriate licenses, paid for my inventory in cash, and got started! Also because of this business model, I'm able to provide the most personal level of customer service with free pick up and drop off within 5 miles of James Island, SC. Now that's customer service!

5. Q: What companies do you work closely with? Can you get me any string I want?

A: The companies I currently work/stock products with are:

1. Diadem

2. Laserfibre

3. Isospeed

4. Gosen

5. Gamma

6. Head

7. Solinco

Beyond those, I can get you any string typically within a couple days! For any string I don't stock, I can almost always recommend a comparable string that I carry.

6. Q: Do you just sell restringing, string, and stringing lessons?

A: Nope! I also carry a full range of tennis racquets (from Beginner to Advanced frames) from Diadem and Head, as well as pickleball paddles and equipment from Gamma and Head! Looking for a new frame? Ask about getting set up with an appropriate demo racquet!

String Theory also carries accessories and grips. Basically anything you could possibly need for tennis/pickleball...we have it!

But they said they knew how to string!

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