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New Year Updates!

Last year seems like forever ago now that we've moved into 2021! I'm going to keep this update post as much of a quick read as possible.

New vendors?

Currently, I'm still working with the same fantastic vendors! I do have some opportunity to expand into other companies, but as for now, everything is running smoothly. I offer strings, racquets, paddles, and accessories from the following vendors:

-Diadem (New strings!)

-Solinco (New strings!)

-Gamma (New paddles!)


-Gosen (New strings!)

-Laserfibre (Fresh strings in stock!)

What about the unfinished "racquet shop" page from the website?

It was certainly an idea. Expanding into a full online store is both risky and expensive. With my consistent and very busy teaching schedule, I would have to expand my operations to keep up with online traffic. I don't plan to do this at the moment.

"The Racquet Shop" will remain a page for checking out what I offer and pricing, but an individual must contact me directly to make a purchase. All the information will be outlined on the page!

In no particular order, here are my overarching goals for 2021:

  1. Post more videos on social media that add value! Tutorials, drills, etc...

  2. Start posting on my YouTube channel that I haven't used yet.

  3. Give back to the community as much as I can!

  4. Continue to grow and learn, as an individual and a business!

  5. Maintain a sustainable work/life balance.

I'm sure these goals will grow and improve throughout the year!

Thank you all so much to everyone who made 2020 a fantastic year for String Theory Racquet Services and Coaching! It truly means so much to my wife and I!


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