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COVID-19 Updates!

Welcome back to String Theory everyone!

I know it's certainly been a while but I'm finally back to somewhat normal operations! I just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that I'll be returning to a hopefully more consistent blog page, and new updates!

Here's what's happened so far this year:

The start of the year seemed promising with my teaching job at College of Charleston, coaching locations (Coosaw Creek and JIYC), stringing, and coaching the boy's season at Academic Magnet HS. Although I was balancing all of this fairly well, my wife could tell that I was worn down, and I personally wasn't sure how long I could do it all for...

Just as I started analyzing these thoughts, COVID numbers started to rise and gain media attention. Everyone could tell that we were headed towards something huge and catastrophic. Almost all at the same time: CofC went online only, the AMHS boys season was cancelled, and I had to start limiting (or eliminating) clinics at both my sites.

My classes at CofC, mixed with some private lessons at both locations were keeping us afloat. Then the news came through...

JIYC completely shut down, no lessons allowed. Thankfully, I was still able to teach at Coosaw but members only at the time (and I taught very few members). My income went from 100% to less than 25% in a week's time.

I was stressed to say the least. My wife and I had planned to start looking for our own apartment (we had been married one year living with roommates and it was certainly time). I'll write another blog post eventually about the benefits of living with/without roommates on the financial side of my blog. It wouldn't have been a smart financial decision to stay in James Island (rent and utilities were getting slightly ridiculous).

Our original plan was for me to move back to Mississippi for 3 months and find a random job for a short time, while my wife stayed in SC for her job. This was awful to think about but it seemed like the only option at the time. Then positivity manifested at just the right time...

We were fortunate enough to be able to rent from someone we knew for a very reasonable rate that we could afford. Moving details aside, we packed up and moved to Daniel Island, SC.

Fast forward 2 months, COVID is still a serious concern but things have somewhat normalized. Teaching has picked up, stringing has picked up, CofC is starting back up, and I have wonderful new opportunities on the way!

The point in highlighting this entire story is hopefully to show people that blessings come in many wonderful, unexpected ways. One month you are considering moving away from your wife for multiple months and the next business is starting to pick back up. Of course it wasn't that simple, but that time now feels like a blip on the radar. A small fragment in time.

Lastly, although the COVID pandemic has been awful for so many people, it forced me to slow down and realize how stressed I was. It enlightened me to continue to get better at saying "NO" when appropriate. To value my time and energy more. The start of something new. Something improved. Something better.

I hope that this inspires someone out there who needs to read this! Take time to take care of yourself. No one else is going to do it for you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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