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String theory:


How "The Theory" Came to Be

..After moving back to Charleston, SC to finish my undergrad, I started working in a local tennis shop in Charleston, thinking it would be similar to where I worked before in Mississippi. It was a rude awakening. Quality was thrown out the window, along with many other virtues. After struggling through a year, I decided to get certified through the USRSA to be a Master Racquet Technician (MRT), Certified Stringer (CS), and Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA). Soon after receiving my certification, I set out to change the racquet stringing industry in Charleston, SC forever. String Theory Racquet Services was born. A small setup in the corner of a 1BR apartment was the beginning. The small feel still hasn't changed, but the expertise, service, and knowledge has only improved! What about the name "String Theory"? String Theory embodies the exact science and physics that should be used within all racquet tech. When you play with a racquet that has been restrung, you want it to feel the same, or at least similar to what you had before in order to play your best. Most stringers don't use quality control standards like an ERT 300 tennis computer, that ensures specific results with each racquet strung. At String Theory, I think you deserve better. Better quality, customer service, and expertise than anyone else provides. Thank you for reading and welcome to The Theory!

  • USRSA ​Master Racquet Technician

  • USRSA Certified Stringer

  • USRSA Professional Racquet Advisor

  • The Longest Standing certified stringer of Charleston

  • The highest quality of service in Charleston, SC

  • The most affordable cost of service in Charleston, SC

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