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Hello, Charleston tennis players! Do you believe that professional tennis players care about who strings their racquets?  Of course they do!

Here at String Theory, I use  the highest quality techniques and equipment to instill that quiet confidence you need when you step on to the court, knowing your racquet was tailor-made for you. 


How I Can

Help You

Welcome to String Theory Racquet Services: Charleston, SC's local, certified USRSA MRT, CS, and PRA!

Here is a list of our highest quality services (Labor Only):

Tennis Racquet Stringing: $15 ($20 Natural Gut, Same Day)

Wooden/Racquetball/Squash Racquet Stringing: $25

Racquet Matching/Racquet Tech.: $30/Hour

Stringing Lessons: $40/Hour

USRSA Test Preparation Lessons: $50/Hour

Call or text to book your appointment today! Feel free to ask any questions in the Contact section below!


String Theory Racquet Services

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